Goodbye Snuzpod: a cosleeping crib and my son’s sleeping issues.

Today we finally recognised that we had to give up on the Snuzpod cosleeping crib and that our baby is finally ready to sleep in his cotbed. He still fits in it at 8 months but two weeks ago he started crawling and sit up, therefore it wasn’t safe to use anymore.

I remember when I was pregnant I had already bought the cotbed for his room, but started then thinking if it would be best having a mose’s basket or a crib for the first months. I decided that a cosleeping crib was the best option for me, as the baby would have anyway outgrew the mose’s basket soon. I then stumbled upon what seemed the most discussed topic on the baby forum: better to have the Snuzpod or the Chicco Next2me? I must admit it, I chose the first for its look as I felt in love with it at first sight. But although this would have been a present from my mum, until the baby arrived I couldn’t quite justify its cost  (At 199£ is not a cheap option).

After having used it for 8 solid months, I couldn’t have been happier with it and I’m now recommending it to everybody! It made it so easy for me to cope with my baby poor sleeping habits, being at the perfect height next to our bed and with its opening side. Picking him up and putting him back down up to 8 times at night at least was easy and I never had to leave my bed. In the beginnings I would also remove the top from the base and bring it with me in the living room, as I always had him napping in there safely. The Snuzpod for me is a must have and worth all the money, it has been a great help with all the sleeping issues we experienced.

My baby from birth slept practically the whole night, waking up only for a feed. The health visitor said not to worry although it was unusual as he was steadily putting on weight, but in the first 3 months of his life I slept great and was feeling sorry for all my mum friends whose babies woke up every 2 hours. All that changed the day he was 13 weeks old, when he hit the dreaded 4 months sleep regression. From that night on, he kept waking up almost every hour, if not every half an hour on bad nights, and I’m afraid to say nothing worked and he slept poorly until last month. My health visitor was not helpful as for her the only solution to the problem was to let him fall asleep in the crib by himself. I tried everything aside for letting him crying out as it’s nothing for me. The pick up put down method didn’t work for us, he only screamed until he was hyperventilating anyway as soon as he was placed back in the crib and kept him awaken for his two hours cycle. I admit it was hard on me and I spent a few nights crying because of sleep deprivation. Before Christmas I managed to put him in his crib drowsy but awaken and after two weeks of resistance from his side he would fall asleep every time in ten minutes top.

This didn’t make him sleep through the night and he was still waking up five to seven times per night. I went to Italy for an holiday a month ago and the magic happened: he woke up only 2 or 3 times a night! I had two blessed weeks of good sleep, until two nights ago. My baby learned to crawl and sit up by himself and from then on as soon as I put him in the Snuzpod he gets on four legs and starts moving awaken again. It has been a new nightmare and I don’t know yet how to tackle the problem as it’s so recent. The only thing I understood is that I have to sadly put away my beloved Snuzpod and that it is time for him to sleep in his big boy bed.


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