Travelling with a baby


Since we had our baby we had to travel twice: the first time was to gorgeous Cornwall by car, the second to Italy at Christmas.

We had our babymoon near Tintagel when I was eight months pregnant and together with my husband we felt in love with Cornwall. Walks on the cliffs above the sea, beautiful scenarios and wonderful landscapes. It was an easy decision to go back when  we had our baby. He was just three months old and we faced the long journey from London by car. It was easier than I imagined, although we had to plan multiples stops to get there. The gentle movement of the car made him sleep for long stretches, but when he had enough he screamed from the top of his lungs and the only thing calming him was us singing an Italian nursery rhyme he loved in that period  (imagine singing the same song for one hour straight…).

Sightseeing was relatively easy, armed with a baby carrier or the pram for going around in villages like St. Ives. Our baby carrier is the Ergobaby 360 four position and we liked it because we could both wear it and it’s very comfortable for the baby, securing him with a leg position that doesn’t arm his delicate hips. We faced walks along the cliffs like this and more difficult paths while our baby boy slept quietly and was protected from the challenging weather of Cornwall.

Our pram is not a fancy one but it’s very practical. I felt in love with the Stokke when I was searching for one before he was born, its style and design are breathtaking if you can afford that price. I was quite adamant though I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a pram as I honestly don’t see the point but it was so difficult to find one that had good quality and lower price. Our choice ended on the Uberchild Evo, which offered a travel system of three pieces for a very reasonable price (£230). The frame is quite light and I like both the carrycot and stroller, but the car seat in my opinion is not the best and not very comfortable, specially when the baby is so small. I would not recommend it if you are planning to use a car seat a lot, with us living in London and not owning a car (we rented a car for the holiday) we didn’t use it massively so it would do. The other downside is that you have to buy it without the chance to seeing it or trying it first: at the baby show in London I was stopped by a soon-to-be father who also bought that pram and he was so happy he could see mine to have an idea of what to expect.

One of the best items we had with us was a travel cot with bassinet: I can’t stress enough how much the bassinet was worth it, it made it so easy for me to take care of the baby during the night as I am quite short and I would have not been able otherwise to pick him up nor put him down easily. Our friend lent us one, it was a Joie travel cot and it was super easy to assemble and put it away once we were done. We stayed in an AirBnb and the room was spacious enough to accommodate it easily.

Forget about travelling light with a baby then! We had so many things for him that our shared luggage was the only thing we could afford to bring for me and my husband together. Remember also to bring a bucket and a stain remover (we had with us saint Napisan, which removes every stain a leaking dirty nappy can make), you will for sure use it on a daily base.

That was a special holiday for my family as it was our first and although we had to consider his rhythms and routine during the travel, it was relatively easy to keep going around as we were used to do when we were just the two of us.

At Christmas we flew to Italy to spend it with my family, and also the airport experience had been easier than I expected! I used the baby carrier in the airport and this made everything simpler. We didn’t have to bring with us neither pram nor travel cot as my family provided these for us luckily, so we travelled lighter on this occasion. I was quite wary on the plane and afraid he would have cried disturbing the other passengers (I used to be one of those adults who would try everything not to seat next to a child during a flight and this didn’t change yet lol!) But with a bit of entertaining and being my boy naturally curious the flight went smooth and I might say pleasantly. On the way back though he made such a poonamy he was covered almost up to his head: and let me tell you, changing a baby in the airplane toilet is not an easy task, Houdini would have had problems too handling himself, a baby and a changing bag in that small space! The task was really difficult and, as I’m going to fly to Italy again this week, I’m praying he won’t do a dirty nappy in the plane anymore!

I’m going back to Italy this week as practically all my family birthdays, including mine, happen on this month and I also have a dear friend’s wedding next Saturday. On the way back I will face travelling with my baby solo for the first time. Gone are the days where I could enjoy the flight with a book as entertainment and my beloved copy of Vanity Fair Italy (this was a guilty pleasure of mine and a sort of habit, as I always had one when travelling), hopefully I will be able to manage it in the best way possible. If not, then at least I’ll have some more material for a new blog entry!


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