First blog post

The first post is intimidating me since more than a week. I thought deeply and asked myself: if the first post should define who I am as a blogger and what direction this blog should take, how can I put it in words? Will there be anyone out there interested enough to read it?

And I think the best way to do it is to introduce myself: I’m an Italian woman who moved to England more than six years ago and, since seven months, I am the mother of a wonderful baby boy. I have not always been a baby lover if I have to admit it, the factor that sold me and my husband the resort for our honeymoon in Mexico was that the complex was an adult only! But in these last months my life got flipped-turned upside down (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air nostalgia anyone?!?) and I couldn’t imagine it differently now. Last year I arrived to a point in my life where, when my husband suggested we had a baby, the idea of having one was just so natural and we embraced it with passion.

Still, I’m not going to swoon or post super cheesy motivational pictures on social media that say “A woman does not wear her most precious jewel, she gives life to it” or similar (we all have someone like this among our contacts and posts like this one make me wonder why I am still in contact with this person…). Having a baby though is a huge part of me now and as a first time mum there have been, and will for sure be, clueless moments where I was asking myself and the world what will happen and what should I do. I hope I will be able to entertain someone with my misadventures, especially considering not only motherhood was completely new to me but coming from abroad the process of having a baby with the NHS was totally different from the experience all my friends who did it before me in my home country shared with me.

I am also an art lover, I devoted my university path to studying art and hoped to develop a career in this sector. I am now working for an auction house, although not in the sector of my choice but this allow me to be surrounded by great art and to keep enjoying privately what this amazing world can offer. Art and my love for travelling goes together, and not being able at the moment to see the world as much as we used to do when we were baby free is the only thing I miss the most. I loved to plan a visit into details, reading guides and travel blogs searching for ideas on what to see and how to combine my passion for visiting historical places and art galleries together with a simple discovery of that particular place (hoping my husband would not be too bored in the meantime!!!). I’m really looking forward to being a tourist again, this time with a third little travel buddy with us. I’m quite lucky he is amazing to go out with so far, I hope this continues and that I can transmit him my love for going out and visiting amazing locations everywhere.

This is a little part of me, I hope I can show more of my passions and life through my words. And if someone arrived to the end of this piece, thank you for giving me a chance.



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