My first quilt


My first ever project was a quilt I made two years ago for my baby boy. The pattern I chose was a very simple one, considering it was one of the first thing I have ever made. Six rows, six squares per row, six fabrics.

While browsing Pinterest for inspiration I came across this beautiful quilt by CoolSpool sold on Etsy and I just fell in love, with the fabrics and the pattern. il_570xN.1523938993_gcnz.jpg

I started looking for similar fabrics and discovered the magic world of Art Gallery Fabrics and Birch Fabrics. I think I spent days on Etsy, Google and every online shop in the UK trying to find the best for me! You can seriously spend hours just looking at them (and I would most probably spend a fortune if I only could), they’re fantasies and patterns are really lovely and so gorgeous for children without being childish. It’s all organic cotton and I needed one fat quarter of each kind. I opted for the Hello Bear series from Art Gallery and Bear Camp from Birch Fabrics in the colour scheme of blue, mint and sand. 1

As per dimension, I went for a cot size quilt: 120cmx90cm. From these beautiful fabrics I cut out 36 squares sized 22cmx17cm (these measurements include the 1cm seam allowance, in order to get once sewn together squares sized 20cmx15cm).

For the back I used Wink Mint knit by Birch Fabrics, which is so cute and was a good complement to the fabrics from the front. I bought 1,5m of it, and I still had enough left I decided to use it for the binding too.MB3-01-Wink-Mint

I sandwiched the batting with the patchwork fabric sewn by me and the backing fabric, pinned it all along the sides and then proceeded to cut it and sew all along. For the binding process I found a post on Craftsy that explains step by step how to do it and I have been following it ever since. I finished attaching the binding sewing by hand: this is a long process, but I enjoy doing it while watching a film, taking all the time I need.


This is the finished project. It still makes me so proud as I had never done something like that before and the materials I used are so amazing that two years in are still strong and soft!

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First Blog Post

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The first post has been intimidating me since more than a week. I thought deeply and asked myself: if the first post should define who I am as a blogger and what direction this blog should take, how can I put it in words? Will there be anyone out there interested enough to read it?

And I think the best way to do it is to introduce myself: I’m an Italian woman who moved first to England seven years ago and, since five months, I have been living in Germany near Frankfurt. I am the mother of a wonderful baby boy: I have not always been a baby lover if I have to admit it, the factor that sold me and my husband the resort for our honeymoon in Mexico was that the complex was an adult only! But in these last two years my life got flipped-turned upside down (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air nostalgia anyone?!?) and I couldn’t imagine it differently now.

I am also an art lover, I devoted my university path to studying art and hoped to develop a career in this sector. In the UK I used to work for a famous auction house, although not in the sector of my choice but this allowed me to be surrounded by great art and to keep enjoying privately what this amazing world can offer. Art and my love for travelling goes together, and not being able at the moment to see the world as much as we used to do when we were baby free is the only thing I miss the most. I loved to plan a visit into details, reading guides and travel blogs searching for ideas on what to see and how to combine my passion for visiting historical places and art galleries together with a simple discovery of that particular place (hoping my husband would not be too bored in the meantime!!!). I’m really looking forward to being a tourist again, this time with a third little travel buddy with us. I’m quite lucky he is amazing to go out with so far, I hope this continues and that I can transmit him my love for going out and visiting amazing locations everywhere.

When I was still pregnant, my amazing husband gave me as a Christmas gift a two-day beginner sewing class in Oxfordshire and, since then, I have started developing a passion for creating with fabric. I am still a beginner but I find sewing relaxing and inspirational. In the last five months I have been looking for a new job here in Germany and the time off is proving very fruitful for my sewing. I’m starting this blog mainly to keep a track of my project and, if possible, to help anyone who wants it to get inspiration and to know some amazing sewing who influenced my production until now.

This is a little part of me, I hope I can show more of my passions and life through my words. And if someone arrived to the end of this piece, thank you for giving me a chance.